Best Shapewear for FUPA

Many women struggle with unattractive physical flaws like FUPA, or fat upper pubic area, which makes it harder for them to wear their beloved bodycon dresses and other figure-hugging clothing. The best shapewear for FUPA is made to tuck in those unattractive bulges to give you a somewhat smooth and sculpted appearance. Finding the ideal fit, though, can be a challenge. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 FUPA shapewear for you to explore.

5 Best Shapewear For FUPA

SHAPERX Shapewear for Women

4.0 Average Rating

With the SHAPERX Tummy Control Fajas, you may regain confidence in your lovely hourglass form. This bodysuit gives your stomach extra compression and lifts your butt. Due to the high waist’s slimming effect, the overall silhouette is sculpted. 

To provide you the comfort to wear your existing bra and to give your bust a push-up effect, it has non-slip shoulder straps and an open bust design.

Additionally, the bodysuit immobilises the extra fat in your back and armpit areas, giving you a smooth appearance underneath your clothing.

Best Shapewear for FUPA

Key features- 

  • IT MAKES YOU LOOK SLIMMER & CHARMING: Fajas Colombian bodysuit shapewear is made to specifically shape the stomach with focused firm belly control to highlight your natural curves. A feminine silhouette with a thinner waistline is produced by high waist designs. To help you appear fantastic in dresses, it’s made to give you a smoother curvature. 
  • FIRM CONTROL & COMPRESSION: The Fajas bodysuit is designed to specifically shape the midsection with targeted double tummy control to support and compress your waist. It also trims the waist, compresses the belly, and lifts the butt.
  • NON-SLIP SHOULDER STRAP: This fajas bodysuit’s shoulder straps are non-slip and completely adjustable. With the Open Bust style, you may lift up your breasts while wearing your preferred bra, thus immobilising any excess fat in your armpits and back. 
  • CONVENIENT USE & SENSUAL DESIGN: Thong style with lace, which in addition to properly defining your curves, has an exclusive design in the panty that increases comfort and ease of use when using the restroom without removing body shaper.

COHTB Women's Tummy Control Shapewear Panties

3.8 Average Rating

With the Shapewear Panties by COHTB, you can give yourself an incredibly light and breathable sculpting sensation.

With a target X panel that fits your profile, delivers maximum compression and allows for comfortable mobility, it effectively controls your stomach. The side seams of these pants have SoftFlex structures that keep the pants from rolling down.

Additionally, it provides good posture support and eases back strain brought on by extended sitting. Zero gaps under the bra are guaranteed by its high-waist construction. A good lift is provided by the butt panel.

Key features- 

  • Always Rolls Up: Your garment will always stay up, no matter how you move, bend, or stretch it. It’s standing still. 
  • Tummy Toning & Smart Compression: The sexy X panel design contours where you want contouring and makes a fashion statement while giving a target compression on the stomach. 
  • Shapewear with a High Waist Buttlift: The high-waist style holds everything in while preventing any gaps under the bra. While raising the booty, a butt lift line creates a contoured look. 
  • Soft Flex Alignment Support: The garment is kept up and supported by your posture by two soft flexes on either side. 
  • Free to Breathe: Cothb shapewear is made of high-quality fabric, making it both a useful panty and a shaping item. Make sure your favourite outfits fit comfortably.

Maidenform Women's Open Bust Body Shaper

4.4 Average Rating

Looking for the best method for completely sculpting your body? The Maidenform Open Bust Body Shaper is worth a try. It focuses on your back, waist, and tummy to give you a smooth appearance underneath all of your clothing.

You may wear your own bra underneath thanks to its open breast design for a custom fit. Along the bustline, it also provides support.

Curves are enhanced by the seams. Your comfort is enhanced by the wide shoulder straps and an adjustable gusset in the crotch area.

Key features –

  • TARGETING THE TUMMY, WAIST, AND BACK – Maintain amazing smoothness in this Maidenform shapewear open-bust body shaper with ultra-firm control and WYOB fit flexibility. It’s your all-encompassing approach to shaping your bottom and tummy for all-day assurance of coverage. 
  • ULTRA-FIRM CONTROL, WYOB- With the open bust of the Ultra-Firm Control, you may wear your own bra for a tailored fit, lift, and support across the bustline without any bulge. Under dresses, skirts, slacks, and jeans, this body shaper with princess seams sculpts your figure.
  • STRETCH FABRIC- Stretchy material makes wearing clothes simple. Comfort is ensured by non-binding leg holes. While you raise the roof on the dance floor, wide shoulder straps hold you in place. For increased convenience, this one-piece body shaper incorporates a hook-and-eye gusset. 
  • COOL COMFORTABLE MATERIAL- Fajas wicking fabric releases moisture off your skin to help you stay cool and dry. It is a thin, breathable fabric that provides cool comfort. 
  • SIZING PERFECT FOR YOU – Don’t size down; instead, choose your true size from the chart. Select a higher control setting for more compression. To check for digging or poking and to make adjustments for comfort, perform the “sit test.” Start the shaper on its feet and pull it into position.

Irisnaya Waist Trainer

4.2 Average Rating

Everything from love handles and belly fat to bosom prolapse and thoracic kyphosis can be hidden by the Irisnaya Waist Trainer.

It is made of an incredibly light fabric combination that provides strong control over your stomach, midsection, and waist.

A supporting hip-shaped panel that elevates your bum and accentuates your curves is also included in this full-body bodysuit.

The entire comfort is maximised by the adjustable shoulder straps, hook crotch, and flexible mesh.

Key features- 

  • HIGH-ELASTICITY AND HIGH-COMPRESSION MATERIAL : This women’s shapewear bodysuit corset is constructed of high-quality fabric that is skin-friendly, flexible, and 60 percent nylon and 40 percent spandex. It fits slender, average, and plus-size body shapes. It not only offers extremely high compression to create a perfect curve on the waist and abdomen, but it can also be worn covertly beneath any sort of clothing as a back brace. 
  • Tummy control and a keep-fit corset: You can adjust the front adjustable 2 row of hook women’s seamless shapewear to the proper level as needed to make sure you could fit it to the fullest extent, long torso and short torso.This waist training corset’s splice mesh material offers extremely firm abdominal compression that rapidly reduces waistline, holds stomach in, and gives you a smoother curve that makes you seem more attractive in dresses, suits, simple T-shirts, daily clothes, etc. 
  • Breasts are pushed up in a U-shape:  Your chest becomes more erect and appealing thanks to a special front U-type anti-droop open breast bodysuit. This weight-training jumpsuit’s adjustable and detachable straps make it easier to customize it and effectively firm control of armpit and back flabby fat. Give you a lovely hourglass figure, conceal troublesome bulges, and are so comfortable you may wear them all day long with your own bra.
  • SHORTS WITH SLIMMING BUTT LIFTER: The buttock portion of the corset lingerie is perforated, making it very healthful to wear as your regular cotton hipster brief. It is particularly easy to wear from the feet to the waist and convenient to use the bathroom thanks to the three rows of hook and eye fastening. By lifting your butt and tightening your bottom, waist girdle shapewear knickers help you achieve a smaller, more feminine appearance. 
  • Double-layer design with backcrossing : The back of the waist-slimming bodysuit has two layers: an outer layer with a cross pattern and an inner layer that completely encircles the midsection. Your posture can be improved, and a full-body cincher tank top can help with back and waist issues.The body trainer shaper provides you with all the assistance you need to regain your slimming original shape, and it may also be used as a postpartum girdle after childbirth or C-section girdle. 
  • WARM TIPS FOR IRISNAYA SHAPEWEAR : It is difficult for regular clothing to deform this fajas colombianas waist trainer bodysuit. You can outfit it for special occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Christmas, postpartum, weddings, parties, clubs, and cosplay. You can look leaner at any time. 

REYEOGO Shapewear Bodysuit

4.0 Average Rating

The Reyeogo Waist Trainer Bodysuit works for everything, from slimming your waist and flattening your belly to giving you a modest butt lift. You can use it to accentuate your curves for the ideal hourglass figure and give yourself a feminine profile.

Along with giving your bust a push-up look, it also aids in immobilising the loose fat around your back and armpits. 

The bodysuit is best supported by the wide shoulder straps, which also make going to the bathroom convenient.

It has a beautiful wrap stitching that guarantees enough comfort while offering durability, sturdiness, and stability. The fabric is incredibly lightweight and wicks moisture away, making it perfect for daily wear.

Key features- 

  • CONVENIENT & SKIN FRIENDLY: This see-through mesh bodysuit waist trainer for women is composed of polyester and spandex and is soft, breathable, and lightweight. It feels like a cosy hug on our skin and is comfortable to wear all day. The invisible shapewear for dresses will make you seem and feel more appealing while the shapewear for ladies tummy control can be perfectly concealed in our everyday clothes without leaving a panty line. 
  • U PUSH UP BREAST DESIGN: Reyeogo’s open bust body shaper for ladies has a zipper closure and a unique front U-type design that makes our breasts appear more erect and appealing. The underbust corset effectively pushes up the breasts and lets you wear your preferred bra. This faja bodysuit has two broad straps with non-slip designs, high elasticity that makes it comfortable to wear, and strong management of the loose fat in your armpits and back. The body shaper bodysuit gives you a natural hourglass figure by eliminating any lumps, bumps, and bulks from your entire body. 
  • HIGH WAISTED BUTLIFTER SHORT: Our butts look rounder, fuller, and bigger with no panty line thanks to the buttock portion of this seamless booty booster, which tightens our bottom and lifts them higher. To offer us a beautiful buttock and natural curve, provide strong support, and keep the buttocks from drooping, this lingerie corset shapewear bodysuit is a must-have for body slimming. The slimming bodysuit shapes the C-curve that runs from our waist to our hips and gives us a bigger, rounder, fuller, and more attractive booty.
  • FIRM COMPRESSION BELLY TUCK: This body waist shaper for women is high waist created to flatten tummy with firm control. It works similarly to a weight loss girdle by effortlessly sucking our stomach in, creating a smooth and tight abdomen. To provide the maximum compression on the belly, waist, and back, the entire midsection of these control pants is made of two layers of cross-stretchy fabric. Firm control shapewear keeps everything in its proper place at all times and flawlessly shapes you in all of your attire, including skirts, shorts, suits, dresses, and pants. 
  • A BACK SUPPORTER AND WAIST TRIMMERS: This bodysuit with midsection and full low back support, back smoothing shapewear, and back pain alleviation helps to improve posture. The high-elastic Colombian educora and moldeadora fajas can rapidly decrease our waistlines by efficiently tightening excess fat around the waist. Without creating any discomfort, this women’s compression body shaper helps us lose inches by minimising undesirable love handles, fat rolls, lumps, and muffin tops. 
  • SUITABLE FOR ANYONE AT ANY OCCASION: This postpartum recovery bodysuit, postpartum girdle after pregnancy or C-section girdle, and post-childbirth pain reliever will smooth your postpartum tummy flab. Also for everyone, the slimming abdomen tuck bodysuit may be worn when working, participating in sports, exercising for fitness, attending formal events like weddings and parties, dating, and other social gatherings, and it also gives you a beautiful feminine shape.

How To Select Best Shapewear For FUPA?

Size: While it would be tempting to go for the smallest size, doing so could lead to pain and unsightly bulges. Similar to this, sizing up will not provide any compression, undermining the entire point of shapewear. The general idea is to choose shapewear that precisely matches your size.

Temperature control: The breathability of a shapewear item is crucial. Products composed of nylon do not allow for effective airflow, causing you to perspire excessively. So, search for shapewear that works all year round and is made to allow better air circulation.

Compression: A heavier-weight shapewear will offer greater compression to tuck the tummy into shape. There are three different compression levels available for shapewear: low, medium, and high. Depending on the amount of compression you require, choose a shapewear.

If you are looking for shapewear for a Lower Belly Pooch then explore our article: Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

How do I keep my shapewear from rolling down?

There are a few strategies you can try to prevent your shapewear from rolling down:

  1. Choose the right size: Make sure your shapewear fits snugly but comfortably. If it’s too loose, it may roll down. On the other hand, if it’s too tight, it may feel uncomfortable and be more likely to roll down as you move around.
  2. Opt for a higher waist: Shapewear with a higher waist can provide more coverage and support, which can help it stay in place better.
  3. Try using a garment clip: These clips, which are sometimes called “shapewear hooks,” can help keep your shapewear in place by attaching it to your clothing.
  4. Avoid wearing too many layers: If you’re wearing multiple layers of clothing on top of your shapewear, it may be more likely to roll down. Try to minimize the number of layers you wear to help keep your shapewear in place.
  5. Choose a style with silicone or rubber grips: Some shapewear styles come with silicone or rubber grips along the leg openings or waistband. These can help the garment stay in place and prevent it from rolling down.

If you’ve tried these strategies and your shapewear is still rolling down, it’s possible that the size or style you’ve chosen is not a good fit for your body. In this case, you may want to try a different size or style to see if that helps.

How do I control my FUPA?

FUPA is an acronym that stands for “fat upper pubic area,” and it refers to excess fat that can accumulate in the area above the pubic bone. If you are looking to reduce or control your FUPA, there are a few strategies you can try:

  1. Exercise: Incorporating cardiovascular and strength training exercises into your weekly routine can help you lose fat overall, including in your pubic area. Focus on exercises that engage the lower abdominal muscles, such as planks, bicycle crunches, and leg lifts.
  2. Eat a healthy, balanced diet: To lose fat, you need to create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than you burn. Make sure you’re getting plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, and limit your intake of processed foods and added sugars.
  3. Stay hydrated: Drinking enough water can help you feel full and satisfied, which can make it easier to stick to your diet. It can also help flush toxins out of your body, which can support fat loss.
  4. Consider trying a topical cream: Some topical creams, such as those containing caffeine or retinol, may help reduce the appearance of fat in your pubic area. However, it’s important to note that these products are not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise.
  5. Don’t neglect your pelvic floor muscles: Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can help lift and tighten the skin in your pubic area, giving the appearance of a firmer, flatter FUPA. Try exercises like Kegels or pelvic tilts to target these muscles.

It’s important to remember that losing fat in a specific area of the body is not possible. To lose fat overall, you need to focus on a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors. Be patient, and remember that changes to your body take time.


Even with an ugly belly pouch, the greatest shapewear for FUPA will make you feel attractive and confident.

These shapewear function for an infinite number of distinct styles in your daily life, regardless of the type of dress you enjoy wearing or the appearance you prefer going for. These shapewear items come in a variety of sizes and are composed of soft cotton.

They are inexpensive, lightweight, and strong. However, stay away from too-tight shapewear. Before purchasing shapewear, take into account aspects like material, size, compression, and temperature control capabilities.


You can flatten your FUPA by wearing shapewear and doing proper exercise. You can use any one of above-given shapewears

Looking for the best method for completely sculpting your body? The Maidenform Open Bust Body Shaper is worth a try. It focuses on your back, waist, and tummy to give you a smooth appearance underneath all of your clothing.

With the SHAPERX Tummy Control Fajas, you may regain confidence in your lovely hourglass form. This bodysuit gives your stomach extra compression and lifts your butt. Due to the high waist’s slimming effect, the overall silhouette is sculpted.

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